PT001 These Wonderful Evils / Last Eyes (split cs)

by These Wonderful Evils / Last Eyes

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Zak Boerger's music came to us in the mail on an LP earlier this year called "Little Church." That record has a looping, electric, psychedelic sound with elongated, through-composed improvisational forms. On this tape, Zak wanted to highlight his acoustic playing, which is something he's not generally known for. But on the tracks he chose for this release, you can still hear the confidence and utter power of his electric work (which is also highly recommended), transposing his songs into an aural space marked by its stark contrast between the notes played and the room in which they sit—a lighter, less dense area filled with gentler lullabies and raga-lullers. Clearly indebted to the likes of John Fahey, Boerger approaches the rustic folk sound of earlier American guitar while broaching a psychedelic and meandering timeline not unlike some of Jim O'Rourke's output in the 90s, but this is a bit less timid and perhaps slightly more unhinged. With this new texture, Boerger's ability to take free chances with subtly hidden trick-timing and meter is even further accentuated, and the way in which the music's melodies and directions unfold so naturally into pillow-soft dreams is truly awesome. Boerger also has releases out on his own label Sparrows & Wires as well as Sweat Lodge Guru and Sloow Tapes.

1. Sandia
2. Thus Pat Garrett on the Battlefield
3. Tiger

Val Franz's work here is some of the best we have heard come out of the Last Eyes project, which many are most familiar with through her live performances around Denver. We're so honored and excited that she's dedicated her latest material to tape for this release, full of very obviously deep and emotional outpourings. Her guitar, in its ever-looping wail, provides a swirling accompaniment to what the songs are truly made of: punk rock. But punk, such the strong and intimidating voice that it can so often be, succumbs to the swallowing ambience, more powerful than even the chugging rhythm of her strums and general angstiness of the performances. Steeped in trebled zones, every loop feels troubled and weary, scraping its way into the mix, battling for dominance while at the same time passively existing in a comfortable harmony with its surroundings.

1. You Still Think That Light In You Is Hidden
2. No W Here
3. Herz Unruhe
4. Swallow
5. Swallowed
6. Hidden Nails


released July 15, 2012

Zak Boerger - guitar
Val Franz - guitar, voice
Mastered by Brian Marcus



all rights reserved


Planted Tapes Denver, Colorado

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